All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) RiderCourse

ATV RiderCourse Handbook

The Canada Safety Council ATV RiderCourse teaches students the basic skills and techniques necessary for the safe operation and handling of an ATV. The course handbook is published by the ATV Safety Institute is included in the course. Upon the successful completion of the ATV Rider Safety Course, students will receive the Canada Safety Council certificate which is recognised by many employers and insurance companies, possibly having an effect on insurance rates.

The minimum age is for enrolling depends upon the size of the ATV being driven. Students must supply and wear the following safety equipment to participate:

Students supply and ride their own ATVs or may arrange for a rental unit from the training facility.

The riding portions cover such topics as:

This course may help you ride safely and increase the life of your ATV.

Some of the ATV RiderCourse topics include:

Mobile training is available to groups upon request.