Ontario Hunter Education Course

OHEC Workbook

The primary purpose of the Ontario Hunter Education Course (OHEC) is to assist in developing the knowledge and skills essential to becoming a safe and ethical hunter.

The key elements are:

This course can help you adjust your skills to compensate for these changes.

Topics covered in the course are:

Participants must be a minimum of 12 years of age.

Fees and Duration

Stand Alone Course is 12.5 hours in duration (taken without a CFSC nor proof of previous CFSC course). The cost for the Stand Alone Course is $195.00 with examination.

OHEC One-Stop (taken in conjunction with CFSC course OR proof of previous CFSC course) is 10 hours long. The course cost for the OHEC portion is $175.00 with examination.

Both options include the manual and student kit.

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