Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

CRFSC Workbook

In accordance with the Firearms Act, a new firearms safety course focusing on restricted firearms (primarily handguns) was developed and implemented on February 1, 1999. The legislation stipulates that individuals wishing to acquire restricted and/or prohibited firearms must take the CRFSC and pass the tests.

Topics covered in the CRFSC include:

Students may participate as young as 12 years of age but must be age 18 for testing purposes.

Fees and Duration

The CFSC is a pre-requisite to the completion of this course.

If the CRFSC is taken within 30 days of having taken the CFSC, the CRFSC will be a minimum of 4 hours in length. The cost will be $170.00 for the course with practical and written examinations.

If the CRFSC is not taken within 30 days of the CFSC, the course is a minumum of 6 hours and costs $210.00 with practical and written examinations.

The manual used for the CRFSC is the same one used for the CFSC.

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