Course Fees and Duration for Firearms and Hunter Education

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

This is a minimum 8 hour course. The course costs $210.00 for the course, which includes both written and practical examinations.

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

The CFSC is a pre-requisite to the completion of this course.

If the CRFSC is taken within 30 days of having taken the CFSC, the CRFSC will be a minimum of 4 hours in length. The cost will be $170.00 for the course with practical and written examinations.

If the CRFSC is not taken within 30 days of the CFSC, the course is a minumum of 6 hours and costs $210.00 with practical and written examinations.

The manual used for the CRFSC is the same one used for the CFSC.

Ontario Hunter Education Course

Stand Alone Course is 12.5 hours in duration (taken without a CFSC nor proof of previous CFSC course). The cost for the Stand Alone Course is $195.00 with examination.

OHEC One-Stop (taken in conjunction with CFSC course OR proof of previous CFSC course) is 10 hours long. The course cost for the OHEC portion is $175.00 with examination.

Both options include the manual and student kit.

International Bowhunter Education Program

Please call for details.